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Register a new account at Matchbook to grab a £500 welcome bonus. Simply enter the code CASHMATCH once you sign-up on the site.

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Bonus & Offers details

Exchange/Sports Betting: 0% commission fee
Horse racing: 0% commission fee
Casino: 400% bonus (deposit £25, play with £100)

Expires on: 31-12-2019
Last check: 2 days ago

matchbook bonus code

Enter CASHMATCH as your Matchbook bonus code

Here is a detailed breakdown of all current codes on Matchbook:

MatchbookBonus Offer 2019Matchbook Bonus Code
Casino Bonus Up to £100 welcome bonus CASHMATCH
Live Casino Make a £400 deposit, play with £500 CASHMATCH
Exclusive Offer / Betting & Exchange 0% commission fee CASHMATCH
Horse racing 0% commission fee CASHMATCH
Expired Bonus Codes
Welcome Bonus N/A MATCH5
Deposit Bonus N/A MATCH10

Here is all you need to know about the 2019 Matchbook bonus


The current matchbook bonus codes for 2019 include free bet offer, cashback promotion, MB Casino code for £100, Cash-return Mondays, Random Tuesdays, and similar offers for every day of the week until Friday. Other offers worthy to mention are their 20 free spin bonus.

The CASHMATCH bonus code for 2019 applies to the buster banner of the working holiday day. If a player succeeds in making it to the edge, he will receive a money bonus worth £1000 and randomly picked sports prizes for gifts like iPad mini.

You can check all their current bonus codes in their respective T&C section or promos or their Terms and Conditions and Help and Learning area on the upper section of their main page. You can only redeem the bonus after you enter the code CASHMATCH. Those who sign-up from a third party affiliate can also enjoy an exclusive Matchbook offer code for top level stakes.

Features and Promos

The Matchbook stake exchange offers some exciting new bonuses:

£500 cashback for the first five weeks

If you register on Matchbook and use the code CASHMATCH, you can get the chance to win £60 for the next 5 weeks of being there. You must add a deposit first via a credit card to be eligible for this offer. Other funding options do not apply.

After you add a deposit, you can begin to back or in other words lay markets on the site. For every £1 you spare for stake commissions, you will collect one point. Collect 5 points and you can get £5 back to your account. The most you can receive here is £50.

You are also given a 5-week window to add and set your bets to be eligible for this Matchbook special.

Colossus Bets

Two years ago, Matchbook has teamed up with Colossus Bets to maximize its jackpot range for its clients. There is a massive prize of £10.000.000 up for grabs but other high and smaller range prizes are offered also. Of course, the higher the prize, the most challenging is to hit it.

The key philosophy and requirement of these prize jackpots are that you’ll have to accurately forecast many different events in a particular sports market. They offer various sports markets every week like for example soccer and other popular sports markets in the Us and abroad. See what’s new in their respective Colossus program.

The largest Matchbook Colossus is offered on football and consists of seven matches from various high-end European leagues. If you predict all the scores accurately, you can cash £10m. The smaller prize range is easy to attain as they feature 5 or 6 picks and they are also generous. If more than one winner is found, the amount is split.

Inactive Specials

Matchbook doesn’t collect any commission rates for Horse Racing stakes (starting from April 23rd to July 31st, 2017).

1st: Add a stake on Horse Racing on Sunday or Monday (for the month of July)

2nd: Pay no commission rate for the entire Horse Race market throughout this period.

3rd: Sit back and enjoy exchanging bets through the platform. No gimmicks, just zero commission’s charges.

Casino Specials

Unlike other leading online casino platforms, like Gala and Ladbrokes, Matchbook has launched its own unique game range under the MB casino area.  Their live dealer feature and table games are not found everywhere else. So that makes a good motive to check them out.

The welcome pack for new players includes 40 free spins if you add min. £25 which is enough to begin playing.However, to redeem this, you need to wager your funds 3x first.

Use our special bonus code to claim it.

Finally, keep in mind that Matchbook runs a fresh new game every 30 days. There April one was Lucky Easter which by the way was really a joy to play!.

For claiming this casino special, simply use the code CASHMATCH after you open a Matchbook account.

How it works

We are talking about an Internet community with stake previews, live game scores, and many different forums and social media presence for member engagement. The procedure of placing a stake in the platform is actually a breeze. Simple tab on the section that reveals a range of the top stakes, add your stake, and click the button “submit” to finalise it. The field number reveals the current amount open for stakes. Keep in mind that you can’t take back a matched stake but you are given the option to place a stake against a former one.

You can take back unmatched stakes any time you wish by using the bet slip and the cancel option in the Unmatched bets tab. The Backing button is also there for adding a stake for forecasting a particular result. In contrary, if you choose ‘Lay”  you can add stake for something not to happen. The Live betting options is also available for bets as the game progresses from start to finish. Matchbook will collect a 1% commission rate for every stake you add from your earnings or stake value. In case you don’t win, the commission rate will apply to lower bet value.

For example:

  • You place Brazil to win at stakes 12.5 in World Cup on a £10 bet
  • If your team wins, you will be deducted £1.15 from your profits.
  • If the team loses, you will be charged only a 1% commission from your stake amount.

Matchbook apps

Matchbook really backs up its low commission’s claims and we like that. On top of that, you aren’t subject to any strict restrictions if you are a big earner and we’ve found out that they don’t like here.

The overall platform is a breeze to browse and the polished and direct design makes special sections stand out more. No need to waste much of your time to find what you are searching for. Both their look and interface are designed for easy and great user experience. It’s among their best assets for sure.

Now concerning their wagering terms, there are no restrictions placed in stakes, just like the rest in the field. The fact that the player doesn’t play with house as their opponent, they are are free to stake any amount they wish with no restrictions.

In case you are small punter, you can get your stake matched easily. Bigger punters though may be subject to some restrictions. Stake matching also differs based on your chosen market. In popular European markets like football and horse races, the betting odds matched will rise. However, in lesser markets e.g cricket, the betting odds matched are usually less than that.

The thing that makes the fall a bit behind their  biggest opponent which is Betfair, is their issues with liquidity. They also, unlike the rest, don’t run a 24 hour support service for direct communication and many users report not getting a prompt reply.

Is Matchbook worth it?

In general, YES. The whole platform is crafted in a manner that makes the choice between various markets easy for the punter. Under each market, you will see two betting options and you can stake simultaneously while you read some basic info about the game and its terms if you are a newbie to this. All live games are shown directly on screen and you can see them later on if you choose so. Once you register, there is a 500% cash match bonus for max. £50 along with 50 free spins waiting for you.

The platform boasts a nice selection of casino all time favorites like roulette, poker, blackjack, and slot machines. Once you register, you can directly add funds choosing the funding method of your preference. You can the cash out your profits via your registered funding option e.g credit card. Typically, no withdrawal fees are imposed if the stake activity doesn’t compensate the funding and withdrawal charges.

Unlike Betfair who imposed a 5% fee on your profits, Matchbook only places a 1% fee in won or lost stakes.

Basic Info on Matchbook

Matchbook is a full responsive sports gambling network operating under the rules and license of UK gambling commission and Gambling Control body. The platform is open to most global markets excluding USA and France. You don’t have to enter a code to redeem all running specials and bonuses.

Matchbook’s low commission fees is something that they really deliver and that’s a plus. Additionally, they don’t impose any strict wagering limits on big earners so that’s another plus.

When it comes to wagering terms, the platform doesn’t impose any restrictions on bets. This is because the player doesn’t have the house as its opponent and they can stake any amount they wish.

If you are a small punter, you can easily match your stake. Largest punters though might be subject to some restrictions. In popular European markets like football and horse races, the betting odds matched will rise. However, in lesser markets e.g cricket, the betting odds matched are usually less than that.

Perhaps the only areas that they lack compared to their biggest competitor, Betfair, are their liquidity issues and their lack of prompt and direct customer service.

Last update on the Matchbook Offers: 2019