Online Vs. Real Casino: Pros & Cons

Since the start of the Internet revolution, more and more people are playing in online casinos. There are countless operators and games out there. However, some prefer to stick to land-based establishments. Whether it’s the atmosphere or the glamour, there’s still something appealing in real casinos.

If they are better than online rooms is another question. Some people think they are, but the majority would disagree. Objectively speaking, there are multiple advantages of playing on the Internet. We will go through them in this article and also try to see what are the pros of playing in real casinos.

Pros Of Online Casinos

Let’s start with the positive sides of playing online:

You can play at any given moment

This one is a major advantage. When you have an account at an online casino, you can play there without leaving your home. Just start your computer, open your browser and you’re good to go. It’s very convenient compared to real casinos.

Furthermore, with the rapid rise of mobile technology, you can now play on the go as well. It makes the access to online casinos even easier. If you want to have a quick break and play for like 10 minutes, you can do it anywhere. Compare that to travelling 1 hour in each direction just to reach a land-based casino.

Games come in all shapes and sizes Online

There are so many casinos online that you can easily find everything you might need. On top of that, there are many good developers that constantly release new games. Whether it’s slots, card and table games, scratch cards, you can find so many different options. This can never be matched by land-based casinos.

Lower House Edge

The online competition is fierce, the costs are usually lower and the casinos have no choice but to offer a lower house edge. Many of the online operators return more than 97% of the wagers to the players. This is unheard of when it comes to real casinos. It gives the customers a much better chance of actually winning some money or at least lasting longer.

Huge Bonuses And Promotions

Once upon a time, the customers were the ones searching for the casinos. Nowadays, the casinos are trying to find customers. One of the direct consequences of that is that there are so many promotions available online. The welcome bonuses of most operators are especially juicy and each new player can get hundreds of pounds instantly after signing up. If you add the countless ongoing promotions for cashbacks, free spins, the loyalty programs it’s incomparable. The land-based casinos can’t match that. For instance, the Gala Casino promotion is up to £400. Unbeatable.

Choose Your Limit

Most land-based casinos won’t let you play for peanuts. That’s not the case online. Even if you wish to wager pennies, there will be tables and games with limits that allow that. It’s a nice way to have some fun without risking money you can’t afford to lose.

The same applies to high rollers as well. There are many online casinos that will gladly accept high bets on all kinds of games. On top of that, most of them will give you some great promotions designed for big players.

You Create Your Environment

You pick the music, you decide what’s the dress code, you decide if smoking is allowed. There are no rules you have to oblige. It’s up to you to decide what environment would you create while playing online casino games.

Play For Free

Most of the online casinos nowadays provide the opportunity to test their games completely free. There’s a practice mode with virtual currency that doesn’t even require a registration. This is an easy way to check if a certain online casino and the games there will suit you. When you’re done with that, you can decide if you want to deposit real money or just go to the next one.

Pros Of Real Casinos

As you can see, online casinos have plenty of advantages against land-based rooms. Still, the latter have not yet disappeared for a reason. There are people who like them and they do have their perks.

The Atmosphere Can’t Be Recreated

Real casinos have a specific atmosphere that can’t be achieved online. The dealers, the chips, the excitement of the people around the room is something unique. It’s not a coincidence that many online operators offer games with live dealers.

If you add the physical contact with the chips, the cards, the table, it’s just not the same online. That’s probably the main reason why so many people keep playing in real casinos.

Contact With Other People

In a land-based casino, you can actually meet other people and have a chat with them or with the dealers. That makes it a social experience, unlike online. Sure, there are multiplayer games and you can exchange messages with other players. But standing next to people and casually talking to them is something different.

Better Regulations

To be fair, this one is getting less and less valid. Land-based casinos are subject to much stricter regulations. The chance of being scammed are slim and all of their games are tested on a regular basis. That’s not always the case with online operators.

The majority of them are safe and secure. However, there are certain fraudulent companies that will try to steal your money. That’s why you should be careful when playing online. Pick just casinos with a proper license and a good reputation.

You Get Your Winnings Instantly

As soon as you win at a real casino, you can just cash in your chips and take your money. This is not the case online. There are certain payment methods that allow you to receive your cash quickly, but others take days. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but real casinos offer this advantage.


If your main goal is to get the best chance to win, the obvious choice is going online. You will save time, get much better value and you can pick between more options. However, if you just want to have some old-school fun, chat a bit, get a free drink and hear people screaming in joy, real casinos can oblige.

Last Update: May 2019