Buzz Bingo Bonus Code May 2024: Get £30 & 10 FREE Spins

In this article, we ‘ll see everything Buzz Bingo has to offer you by entering the Buzz Bingo Bonus Code 2020. We'll also take a closer look at the platform.

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Buzz Bingo Welcome Offers and Bonuses 

How to Register On the Site by using the Buzz Bingo Bonus Code 

The fact is that nothing could be any easier than registering an account on online gambling websites and bookies. And the case with Buzz Bingo is no different than this. You can go through the entire registration process in a matter of minutes. What you need to do is follow the few simple steps below and you will get to create and use your account in no time:

  1. Visit the official website of the platform at;
  2. Browse around and find and click the “Join now” button – it’s easy to find it as it takes a center spot on the main page;
  3. Start filling in the blank fields of what’s required for you to write. You will need to write information like your personal name and address;
  4. Enter the Buzz Bingo Promo Code
  5. Submit the information and finalize the process.
  6. There you go. If you follow these four simple steps, you will be able to create your very own account at Buzz Bingo in a matter of minutes. Have fun using it.

Bonuses for Each Product

  • Big Price Pool: What you can look forward to on the website is an incredibly big price pool to the tune of 500,000 Gbps on the last weekend of each month. The games that are eligible for this prize pool are Deal or No Deal 90, Link Room, Flash Bingo, 5 Line & Rainbow Riches Bingo. So, just by playing these games you may end up getting lucky and hitting it big.
  • Newbie Bingo Room: There’s also a so-called newbie bingo room that all the new players will get access to. You will be able to play free bingo games every day at midday and 2 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm. The bonus lasts for seven days after creating your account – and after that, it expires.
  • Welcome Offer: If you create an account and deposit 10 GBP, then you will be rewarded with 30 GBP in total. This is the welcome bonus for the new players and the players that have made their first deposits. The bonus itself is, of course, non-withdrawable. You will have to wager the money – and only then will you be able to make your withdrawals. There is one additional thing to note here – 20 GBP of the bonus will be available for online bingo and the rest of the bonus – 10 GBP – will be available for retail bingo.
  • Additional Bonus: That’s not all when it comes to the welcome bonus. You will be able to get an additional prize if you deposit 10 GBP on the platform. This additional prize comes in the form of 10 free spins. You can only use these 10 free spins on the game Jackpot Giant. Every free spin is in value of 50 pennies – or 1p for all of the individual 50 lines. The catch here is that you won’t be able to hit the jackpot in the game with the use of the free spins. And given the fact that the game itself is called Jackpot Giant – this is a bit ironic when you think about it.

So, these are some of the biggest bonuses that the Buzz Bingo platform has to offer to the players. But if you want to learn more – you can do so freely by visiting the promos part on the website. You will there be able to read all the information you need about the current and upcoming bonuses. It’s really useful information to know as a player. Do not forget to use the Buzz Bingo Promo Code.

Bonus Terms and Conditions 

There are, of course, the bonus terms and conditions. After all, you can’t really expect to get free money on the Buzz Bingo platform – or anywhere else on the internet, for that matter. The casino protects itself by adding the all-important terms and conditions. Failing to meet these bonus terms and conditions will make the bonuses void. And you will get nothing in the end. So, it’s very important to know what these terms are so that you can use the bonuses without any hindrances. Remember to use the Buzz Bingo Bonus Code when you sign-up.

The first and most important bonus is, of course, the welcome deposit bonus. You need to know that it’s not enough to just deposit the 10 GBP in order to get this bonus. You will also have to wager this money. And then you will be rewarded with all that the bonus entails. After this, you only have a limited amount of time in which you could use the bonuses. If you fail to do this in the allotted time – then you will lose the chance to use the bonus. The minimum amount that you can withdraw from your bonus winnings is 5 GBP. And you can withdraw the bonus itself – you have to wager it and hope that you will win something.

We have already mentioned some of the bonus terms and conditions in the previous section about the bonuses themselves. The truth is that it would take a lot of time and space for us to tell you all about the bonus terms and conditions. At this point – it’s smarter and a lot more practical for you to just visit the promos section of the website and see what the terms are yourself. And this is, again, important information that the players should know in order to make the best of the bonuses on the platform. It is very important to use the Buzz Bingo Promo Code if you want to get all the extra offers and bonuses.


Q. Is the website legal?

You won’t have to worry at all about this website being illegal – or anything of the sorts. The first thing to note here is that Buzz Bingo is licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. And, in case you’re new to online gambling – you may happen to not know that this is one of the biggest authorities in internet gambling. So, the Buzz Bingo is completely legal no matter what angle you look at it from.

Q. How to withdraw my money?

All you need to do to withdraw your money is to visit the withdrawal section on the website. After a bit of browsing – you will not have any problems in locating it. From then on, it’s even easier. You need to select a withdrawal method and put in the sum of money that you wish to withdraw. And you will get the money in no time.

Q. Are there any promotional codes I can use?

You can use the Buzz Bingo Promo Code in order to get all the offers and bonuses.

Q. Can I cash out the bonus?

Since you’re asking this question – it means that you’re interested in the welcome deposit and wager bonus. We’ve already mentioned that you won’t be able to withdraw this bonus without wagering first. This isn’t really free money that you can withdraw. You will have to wager them and hope that you will win something. Only then will you be able to withdraw your winnings.

Quality of Platform 

We have no remarks to make about the way the website operates. So, you will be able to easily locate all the things you need about the platform very quickly. As we’ve discussed it before – the registration process is very simple and easy to go through. And it gets even easier after that. Once you make your deposit (a simple thing to do) you will get access to all the games that the casino has to offer. It’s an ergonomically sound website with a user-friendly interface. New users can create their account with the help of the Buzz Bingo Bonus Code to uncover the games available.


There are not only various bingo games that the bingo fans can play here. But as we’ve mentioned in the introduction to this article – there are also quite a few gambling games to try out. You can easily scroll on the website and find all the information you need. For the sake of reference, you will be able to play a variety of slot games and of table and card games. Some of them are roulette, blackjack, casino hold ‘em, and many slot games made by some of the best slot developers.


The odds are what you usually find in online casinos. The casino itself doesn’t really have an influence on the game’s odds. It’s more about how the game developers have created the particular game and the house edge that they have installed. So, you can check out the individual games and their RTP rates in order to learn more about the games.

Customer Service 

If you need to know anything – and we mean anything – about how the website works, then feel free to contact the customer service team at Buzz Bingo. What we have experienced thus far is that the customer service team is always helpful and handy. We have had contacts with it a few times and we were always pleased with how things played out.

Banking Options 

Deposit: The deposit methods that you can use here are Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, PayPal, and Paysafecard. To that end, all of the deposits that you will make with the use of these deposit methods will be completely free of charge. Moreover, they will be instant. And you won’t have any problems with security, either. The use of all the deposit methods is completely secure and safe.

Withdrawals: The withdrawal methods to be used are the same methods that you can use for making deposits. So, you can use MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Paysafecard, and PayPal. And the use of these methods is completely free, too. But this time around you will have to wait a while to get the money – depending on the withdrawal method you will use.

Customer Support Quality 

There are four main methods that you can use to contact Buzz Bingo. The first one features a more hands-on approach – you can go directly at one of the real-world Buzz Bingo clubs and ask your questions there. Or you could make things simpler and use the live chat option and chat in real time with a customer support agent. Or you can call them on a phone at 0808 169 1459 between 8 and 10 pm. Or – you could write an email at [email protected]. The choice is yours.

Mobile Optimization and Responsiveness 

Mobile Application: We couldn’t find any information about any gambling app that the website offers. This is really a big flaw and we hope that the Buzz Bingo platform will start featuring an app pretty soon.

Mobile Website: The website itself is optimized for mobile devices, though. You can get pretty much the same experience that you will otherwise get on the main website. And it’s optimized for a variety of different mobile devices, too.

Final Thoughts

So, we have come to the end of our review of Buzz Bingo. This website definitely has something new and exciting to offer to the customers – in the form of handsome bonuses and great games – and an overall inviting atmosphere. The sole flaw that Buzz Bingo should work on is the lack of a mobile app. If Buzz Bingo creates a mobile app – then we believe it will be an unstoppable force in the world of online gambling. If you wish to discover this for yourself, sign up with the Buzz Bingo Bonus Code to benefit from all the promotions and welcome offers available.

Top Alternatives to Buzz Bingo

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Finally, this operator has also won awards for the mobile experience of its application. This time you have 20+ rooms to choose from. Gala Bingo offers a wide selection of offers, games and a variety of services. It pays close attention to its users and is always looking to provide the best deals and the top customer service experience.

The validity period of the Buzz Bingo Bonus Code: 31/12/