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Jackpot.com Promo Code : Safe up to 60% with the monthly subscription

Are you into the exciting world of lottery, but want to save yourself the walk to the lottery booth? Then look no further. At Jackpot.com you can play your favorite lotteries from the comfort of your own home. Jackpot.com doesn’t have any permanent promotions going on, neither for new customer nor for existing players.

But they do offer a big variety of temporary promotions, which can be very lucrative. Also, they offer a monthly subscription with which players can safe up to 60% in comparison to other lottery websites. But we’ll look into that a little bit later.

But what’s more important than a welcome bonus or other promotions? If a provider of lottery games is trustworthy. We can definitely say, that yes, Jackpot.com is a trustworthy website which does a lot to guarantee their customers a safe environment while they are betting.

Jackpot.com is active since the year 2016 and has developed itself since then to one of the most popular platforms for lottery games in the UK and worldwide. But what’s the reason for that? Easy – the provider of lottery games works together with the best software providers in the industry and therefore has a flawless and secure platform for players.

Also, the company is based in the UK and is also licensed and regulated by the UK gambling commission. This guarantees and safe lottery experience for customers of Jackpot.com.

The company also cares a lot for the wellbeing of their players. From the very first moment on, during the registration, players can set a limit for deposits. When they reach that limit, which can be daily, weekly or monthly, the user account automatically gets temporarily suspended. After a certain timeframe the user can access the account again. Of course, even after the registration the user can change or set the limit in the user account. Jackpot.com has certainly done a good job here.

Now that we know the basics about the security and trustworthiness of Jackpot.com, we’ll talk about the other areas. In this article, we are going to cover the following topics:

So, let’s start with the first step, the registration.


The following offers required the use of the promo code available above.

How to do the registration – step by step

In order to take full advantage of the platform and promotions at Jackpot.com, you’ll have to do the registration at first. At this time, it is not possible to use the website and play the lottery without registering yourself first. But the process is very straightforward and done within a couple of minutes.

  1. Open the website Jackpot.com and click on the button “Join Now”.
  2. Now you are in the registration form. Here you just need to fill in a few personal details, such as name, address, country of residence, date of birth and a valid email address.
  3. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click on the button “Join Now”.
  4. Now you need to check your inbox for the welcome email from Jackpot.com. There is a link, you have to click on in order to confirm your registration.
  5. Before validing your basket, enter the promo code displayed above (you first need to activate it by clicking on the “Show promo codes” button)

That’s it – now you are already a member of the Jackpot.com family.

One thing you have to keep in mind however is, that per household and IP address, there is only one single account allowed. If Jackpot.com should detect that there is more than one, then you could be suspended from their website. So – play fair and stick with the rules.

Now you can browse through their extensive range of lotteries. But in order to get going, you need to do your first deposit, which has to be at least 5 GBP.

As already mentioned, there are no promotions or welcome offers at Jackpot.com. What they do offer is a monthly subscription, which costs 9.95 GBP and covers a range of the most popular lotteries, such as:

  • Mega Millions
  • Irish Millions
  • Powerball
  • Euromillions

So if you are planning to bet multiple times in a month, then this could be a very sweet deal for you. In comparison to other websites, you can safe up to 60% with that monthly subscription.

Also, they run different promotions on a seasonal base. The best way to be kept updated of their promotions is via Social Media. Jackpot.com is very active on Facebook and Twitter and posts all of their promotions on these platforms.

But how exactly does Jackpot.com work – what do you have to do exactly in order to place your bets on the different lotteries? That’s what we are going to cover in the next chapter.



Q: Is Jackpot.com legal?

A: Yes, absolutely. Jackpot.com is regulated and licensed by the UK gambling commission and therefore operates on a legal base. However, always check the law in your country of residence.

Q: How can I withdraw my money?

A: You can withdraw your winnings in different ways. You have the choice between credit card, Neteller, Skrill and Webmoney, to just name a few.

Q: What options do I have when betting on lotteries?

A: You can either play as an individual or be part of a syndicate. Your chances of hitting a jackpot are slightly higher when you choose to use a syndicate.

Q: Is there a native app for iOS and Android?

A: No, currently there is no native app for mobile devices. Instead, you can use the mobile-optimized version of the website.

Lotteries at Jackpot.com – how it works

The biggest difference between Jackpot.com and other lottery betting sites is, that the company doesn’t buy lottery tickets on your behalf. Instead, you are betting on the outcome of the lottery events. At the end of the day, it doesn’t make any difference – the prize you win is exactly the same as if you would have purchased the lottery ticket.

Here is a quick step by step guide on how you need to proceed with your first lottery bet:

  • Deposit at least 5 GBP.
  • Choose your favorite lottery.
  • Select the numbers yourself or let the website choose the numbers by random for you.
  • Pay the ticket with your deposited money.
  • Wait for the outcome of the lottery and get paid.

If you are lucky and win the lottery, then there are 2 different options. If you win less than 1000 GBP, then you get paid out directly by Jackpot.com. If you are more than lucky and your prize is higher than 1000 GBP, then Jackpot.com will contact you to arrange the payout.

The games – an overview

At Jackpot.com, you can find a huge variety of the most popular lotteries in the UK and worldwide. And that’s exactly the big advantage you have here: you have the choice of more than 20 different lotteries from all over the world. But in which lotteries can you actually take part? Here is a quick overview:

  • UK based: Thunderball, Health Lottery, Lotto, Euromillions
  • International: Irish Lotto, Mega Millions, SuperEnaLotto and many more

european lotteries

You also have the possibility of being part of a so called syndicate: together with a group of people you can take part in the biggest lotteries worldwide and increase your chances of winning the jackpot. The best thing is, that you don’t have to search for people to play with. At Jackpot.com, you can automatically join existing syndicates and profit from the higher amount of shares the group purchases.

The newest addition to their portfolio has nothing to do with lottery. At Jackpot.com, customers can now also enjoy scratch cards and slots. Here is a small selection of their games:

  • 7UP!
  • Nerves of Steal
  • Volcano Riches
  • Northern Sky

At the moment, there is no official promo code for the games and scratchcards sections.

Banking options

From the very first moment on, when you do your first deposit, it’s going to be of great interest for you which banking options are available at Jackpot.com. The good news are, that you have a huge choice between different payment methods, such as:

  • Credit card (Mastercard, Visa)
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Expresspay
  • Webmoney

Currently, there are no bank transfers possible, but Jackpot.com plans to add this banking method to their portfolio in the near future. The minimum deposit for all payment methods is 5 GBP, which is an absolutely fair amount and also doable for players, who just want to get a taste of the world of lotteries.

All deposits are credited instantly and absolutely free of charge.

For withdrawals, the following banking options are currently available:

  • Credit card (Mastercard, Visa): 2 – 3 business days
  • Neteller: Up to 24h
  • Skrill: Up to 24h

The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 GBP, the maximum 1000 GBP. Players who want to withdraw a higher amount, need to contact the customer support in order to do so.

Also, before you do your first deposit, you should already think ahead. If you deposit with a credit card for example, you need to use the same credit card for your withdrawal. The same applies for the other banking options. The only exception is, when the banking method you used for your deposit is not supported for withdrawals. Then you have the possibility to use another payment method.

The mobile experience

At this time, Jackpot.com doesn’t have a native app for their customers. Instead, they have a really nice mobile version of their website. To access it, you just need to open their website from any mobile device, such as tablet or smartphone. Then, the HTML5 technology automatically detects that you are using a mobile device and it changes to the mobile version.

The design is very clean and user-friendly. It’s very easy to navigate and orientate yourself. A big plus is, that all of the features from the main website are also available on their mobile version. This includes the account management, deposits and withdrawals, customer support, slots, scratch cards and the lotteries of course.

You can access their mobile website from all mobile devices.

The customer support

It can always happen, that you run into problems while using the website. Or you simply have a question you would like to ask. The first step is always the FAQ section. Here, you can find the answers to all commonly asked questions. If you cannot find what you are searching for, then you can always contact the customer support of Jackpot.com.

You can contact them either via email, telephone or live chat. Also, you now have the possibility to reach them via Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. That’s pretty unique in the industry and a big plus.

All contact channels are absolutely free of charge. Normally, you get a response within a couple of minutes, which is a really good average.

Jackpot.com – the conclusion

When it comes to Lotteries, Jackpot.com is one of the best providers in the industry. The company is absolutely trustworthy and offers a big range of British and international lotteries.

The registration is very straightforward and can be done within a couple of minutes.

All deposits and withdrawals are free of charge and processed very quickly.

A nice addition are the slots and scratch cards. Players definitely won’t get bored here.

The customer support is very good, quick responses are guaranteed and you can even contact them via Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

A disadvantage is that there is no native app currently. However, the mobile version of their website is well done and players can use all of the features they are used to from the desktop version.

Another negative point is, that the maximum withdrawal amount is 1000 GBP. If the winnings are just a penny higher, players need to contact the customer support before they can pay out their winnings.

At the end of the day, Jackpot.com is a really good provider of lottery betting, slots and scratch cards. Especially new players will have a lot of fun on their website. The minimum deposit is very customer friendly with only 5 GBP.