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LottolandBonus & OffersLottoland Promo Code
Lotteries Free Line Bets (NO DEPOSIT) USE COUPON
Lotteries 30% discount on lotteries and scratchcards USE COUPON
Scratchcards 30% discount on scratchcards USE COUPON
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All the lotteries in the world in one place, no other website has offered so many lotteries in a single service. Lottoland offers fans the best lotteries in the world, especially those who pay millions in prizes.

Lottoland is characterized by being a simple service with multiple offers of lotteries and other products such as jackpots and strachcards. This operator is 100% dedicated to offer the best options in lottery for players, is one of the sites with more experience and security in the offer of this class of products.

All Lottoland lottery sales are supported and insured by the terms and conditions offered by the company that administers Lottoland, users will receive their prizes regardless of whether they are £ 100 or £ 10 million pounds, the money will always reach the hands of the winner.

How to register on the site

lottoland sign-up offer

The registration in Lottoland is the fastest in the world, users only need to enter 6 data in the form, in addition the user has the possibility to register with Facebook if you wish, it is much faster with Facebook since the personal data are subtracted instantly.

The form requires users to send their personal email, a strong password to use it on site, and the first name with the last name, in addition users can identify themselves as men or women by choosing the gender. The date of birth and country of residence are the parts of the form that require much attention, the user should not make mistakes at the time of registration to avoid problems when verifying the account.

The promo code is not available at the sign-up, only when your purchase your lottery or scratchcards tickets.

Welcome Bonuses in

The promotions in Lottoland really are few or limited, since the operator offers multiple jackpots and big prizes for different games like scratch cards and the famous instant wins.

Free Line Bets (NO DEPOSIT): This multiple promotion is available for all lotteries, especially for EuroMillions and US PowerBall, it also includes other local lotteries such as Irish Lottery and US Megamillions. Most offers of this promotion offer players up to 2 free line bets.

Bingo Jackpot: Up to £ 3 million pounds in prizes, is one of the instant wins with the greatest prize that exists. Players can choose 1 or 6 cards depending on their budget, the biggest prizes are for full cards.

EuroMillions Instant: This instant game is one of the most lucrative of the selection of instants, players can choose up to 7 numbers, 5 main and 2 bonus numbers, with a bingo style the prizes are awarded if the user gets numbers in the draw.

Fruity Flurry: Scratchcards are popular in lotteries and this is one of the Lottoland specials, up to £ 50,000 for the biggest prizes. The cheapest card costs £ 0.80 for a game, the most expensive is £ 8.00 and equals 10 games.

INSTANT MILLIONAIRE: Among the popular scratchcards this Instant Millionaire is the favorite of many players, it is a bit more expensive than the others but it is worth the attempt. A game can cost up to £ 4.00 and 10 games £ 40.00.

PowerBall Jackpot: £ 51 million pounds is the biggest jackpot to offer for this lottery, players can choose up to a minimum of £ 31,000 pounds, jackpots are paid in flexible conditions for the winners.

Bitcoin Lotto: This is not a conventional lottery, the prizes are given in Bitcoin and players can pay the tickets and lines in pounds or their local currency. It is one of the first lotteries based on Bitcoin, the maximum jackpot is 2,130 bitcoins.

lottoland promotions

Bonus Terms

  1. The terms and conditions for this promotion are the same for all lotteries, the offers are available only for new players, only one offer per player is allowed. It is not necessary to make any type of deposit to claim the offer. Only for first bets.
  2. The multiples of the prizes in the Bingo Jackpot range from 0.3x to 1000000x for prizes over £ 1 million. All the awards are classic.
  3. The odds for this scratchcard like most other cards is from 1 to 1.14 in odds, users will have an RTP of 92.00% in all versions of this scratchcard, from 1 game to the maximum of 10 games.
  4. Prizes with this card range from £ 1 million pounds to £ 23 million, these being the biggest prizes offered by this scratchcard. The minimum prize of this scratchcard is £ 5 pounds.
  5. Each line has a cost of £ 3.50, the minimum number of lines is 5 numbers and the powerball to obtain the main jackpot. The players can also choose only the powerball without any number, plus conditions established in the lottoland site.
  6. The minimum purchase of lines is £ 3.50 like most lotteries. The results are based on the Spanish lottery, known as bonolotto, the results and raffles are made during the week. Players can receive bitcoins or cash.


How reliable is Lottoland as a provider of lottery games?

It is one of the most reliable in the industry, although there are many websites similar to Lottoland, this site is backed by a guaranteed service and is also regularized by the government of Gibraltar thanks to the 2005 gaming commission. Support in the UK It's on behalf of the Gambling Commission.

What other services apart from lottery does Lottoland offer?

On the website users can find services such as Slots with a wide selection of the best slots with the most reliable providers, and casino games are also very popular, especially the live casino service with the best dealers in roulette, blackjack, hold'em and other games.

Is Lottoland responsible for lottery prize payments?

The concern of the players has always been that if a lottery ticket is awarded for millions of pounds the service responsible for paying the money to the winner will not and the player will lose his money, but with Lottoland things are totally different, on the internet the responsibility and speed of this provider is discussed to pay users the prizes at the moment of winning.

How can the prizes be collected at Lottoland?

Players have several options, the first option and the most advisable is to make use of bank transfers for prizes greater than £ 10,000. The second option is to transfer directly to debit cards.

How to ensure the promo code entered is valid?

You will get this message once the promo code copied in the box: “30% off bets on lotteries and scratchcards!”

Promotions for existing players

Recurring players can join different syndicates for a small fee, this type of bets is available for players who want to bet up to 1000 lines or more for a lottery. The players make small bets and get shares, the prizes are distributed among several select players.

Quality of Platform: Easy to play and learn process is fast.

lottoland lotteries


They are the best-known lotteries in the world, in addition to the same game modalities offered as a normal lottery, players can take advantage of not only the conventional lottery but the jackpots and special games related to lotteries. All tickets are guaranteed and players have the support of the Gambling Commission.


The games are the secondary product, all kinds of casino games for the players, the best thing is that the casino games are the same that can be found in the big bookmakers and UK casinos, titles and selection of games that meet the demands of the players.

Odds & RTP

Like any lottery, the odds to win a prize are always low, but the good thing is the amount of options to play lottery, Lottoland offers a thousand ways to play lottery in different combinations and players can win weekly in any lottery. The RTP of the scratchcards is between 64% and 90%, one of the highest in the industry.

Banking Options: Few but enough


Players can make small deposits when buying a scratchcard or play a casino game, they can also pay for each lottery ticket they use during the week, it is not necessary to deposit large amounts of money. The deposit options are: Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard. Players can also pay directly with bank transfer.


The Withdrawals are somewhat limited, users can get their winnings in two ways, which are a bit uncomfortable for most players, as some would like to receive the winnings in an e-wallet but that option is not available. To receive the winnings the users have the option of bank transfer or receive the winnings in the debit card.

The jackpots are paid in maximum payments to 30 years, the player receives an annual payment for a sum of money established, that in case of being a large amount of money like millions.

Customer Support: They help everyone.

The fastest method of contacting Lottoland is through Live Chat, available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It is a fast and reliable live chat, the customer support team is a good coach to cover the questions and problems of the players. The second option is to send an email through the form that Lottoland has available on the website, it is an easy method to use but it is not quick, [email protected]. The official telephone number is 0203 793 6169.

Mobile: Quite fast app for playing lottery.


Lottoland offers players an app dedicated exclusively to the lottery, it is one of the few apps on the market. With the app players can buy tickets and see the best offers for each of the available lotteries. The app has a notification system that sends messages to the player to indicate if a ticket is a winner. Players can enjoy the app on Android and iOS.

lottoland app

Mobile site

This operator does not offer an adaptable mobile site, the smartphones load the Lottoland website but it is slow since it does not have a mobile version designed to adapt to smartphones and tablets. It's disappointing.

Review: One of the most reliable sites to play lotto

As an online lottery provider, Lottoland breaks with the expectations of the players since this operator offers all the popular lotteries of the market, especially the European ones and those of the United States.

The Lottoland website is easy to understand and everything is ordered so that users find what they are looking for quickly, the only disappointing thing is that the website does not offer a mobile version, and many users use smartphones to play lotteries. Although the app covers this problem, a mobile site is also needed.

Another important point about Lottoland is the jackpots for lotteries, the other providers on the market do not offer this type of jackpots, but lottoland has jackpots for all lotteries and the best thing is that players can buy tickets for less than £ 5 pounds for the lotteries. jackpots of up to £ 10million.

Lottoland combines the lottery service with casino games and other services, the platform is easy to use especially because of the difficulty that sometimes it is to fill a lottery ticket.

Top 3 Alternatives to the operator

Ladbrokes: All the most important lotteries in the world, from Europe to the United States. Payment options from PayPal including the most known e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and debit cards. Welcome bonus in the form of free bets for new players. Register with one of Ladbrokes promo codes.


William Hill: This operator offers Irish Lotto and NY Lotto, in addition to 49s 6ball and 7ball, he is one of the operators with the best welcome bonus of up to £ 50 pounds usable in the lottery. The operator offers app and mobile site for all smartphones.


bet365 APPBet365: Lotteries from Germany, Canada, France, New York, Spain, Irish and 49s. All guaranteed lotteries and the best results every day. Players can take advantage of up to 6 different options for each lottery, from straight, combination, ball number, total value, among others.


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